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See below our 2017 Events Calendar

Avoiding Embarrassing Data Loss Presentation - 15 February 2017

A group of around 15 members and guests listened attentively to Andrew Beckett and Will Scott-Gall from Kroll talking about data theft and data loss. Everyone attending probably became more and more reflective during the talk.

  • How often have I logged into a wifi network without a password or one where I still had the password from my last connection? Not good!
  • Did I check the credentials of the network I used?
  • How often did I leave my laptop in a hotel room?

Practical examples of our daily life when using phones and laptops made it clear that data stored on these gadgets can easily be accessed by people who are a bit more technically skilled than the average user.

Companies' Risk Management has improved and a quick check with the audience showed that all companies represented that evening have guidelines in place in case of an emergency (e.g fire). We have been drilled what to do and what steps will be taken following an incident, including who will communicate what to customers, authorities and the media. None of the companies represented had had any such incident in the recent past.

Most hands went up when asked whether there were recent threats regarding data security or actual attacks such as phishing, smishing, unsolicited emails etc. Would any of the companies have a plan in place to react to such real and potentially fatal incidents? Today, a company's Risk Management and Communication Programme should include IT and Cyber risks as well. Management needs to be prepared to react promptly and effectively to protect stakeholder values.

Res Bachofner

Blockchain presentation - 25 January 2017

While most people have heard about Bitcoin, many do not appreciate that the 'block-chain' technology which underlies it has much wider applications. Its combination of security, decentralisation, reliability and adaptability make it suited to many‎ business uses. 'Smart contracts' where the technology automatically moves money (e.g. pays insurance claims) when externally ascertainable events occur are just one.

Berry Holding-Parsons is a solicitor who specialises in this field and works in the insurance sector. He explained to a full meeting room the underlying idea of block-chain a‎nd how it may be (and is already tentatively being) put to work in the insurance market, amongst others.

Helped by the presence of Gary Nuttall, a technical expert in this field, he provoked a vigorous discussion of the possibilities, snags, the current technology and how it and its applications may develop, especially in our market.‎ This continued well past the close of the meeting and into the bar afterwards!

Another first class and well attended meeting‎ showing the great value AirSP provides for members.

Events during 2017

25 Jan Blockchain Berry Holding-Parsons
15 Feb Avoiding Embarrassing Data Loss Andrew Beckett & Will Scott-Gall - Kroll
8 Mar International Women's Day - Equipping Women for Leadership Karen Graves - COO, Scor
Apr AGM/Dinner
May Opportunities in Africa/MENA
Jun Wine Tasting Evening
9 Aug Members' Drinks
11 Sep Monte Carlo Dinner
Oct Opportunities/challenges of surveying, loss adjusting and risk management in Western Africa

Simon Clark, Sun Logistics & Marine (UK) Ltd

Nov Charity Quiz Night
14 Dec Christmas Drinks Party

Cyber Risks Talk - 29 September 2015

It was a pleasure to have Anna Bender, Fitch Ratings, present to our members giving an insight into cyber risks and how these are viewed in the market. For a full report from a Member's perspective, CLICK HERE to see Mark Wood's article.

Insurance Act 2015 Talk - 12 May 2015

One of AirSP’s objectives is to keep its members up-to-date with developments in the law and the market as they happen. We were therefore delighted to have Charlotte Waters, of Fisher Scoggins Waters, talk to AirSP on 12 May about the Insurance Act 2015.

Members can access the Insurance Act summary, featured in the News Articles, by logging into the site.