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Jim Carter
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Carter Reinsurance Consultants Ltd
Northside Whatlington
TN33 0NR
+44 (0)1424 871110
+44 (0)1424 871110
Operations Reinsurance Recoveries and Commutations. Also provide Account reconciliation, exit strategy consultancy, facilitate debt purchase and the buying of reinsurance companies in run-off.
Jim Carter has worked in the financial services sector since 1959 with the following:
1959-1967 Reporter and Asst. City Manager Dun and Bradstreet
1969-1988 Director of Reinsurance Accounting, Golding Stewart Wrightson
1988-1994 Director of Reinsurance Accounting Winchester Bowring Ltd
1994-1997 Director Hampden Group with responsibilities for former Lloyds syndicates and Marketing
1998 started Carter Reinsurance Consultants Ltd.
Operations conducted on a global basis.
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Jim Carter

Services Provided

Europe (excluding London)
Collection - Bad debt collection, Collection - Collection services, Collection - Insurance recoveries, Collection - Premium collection services, Collection - Reinsurance debt collection, Collection - Reinsurance processing, Collection - Reinsurance recoveries, Collection - World-wide debt recovery, Exit/Commutation - Commutation negotiation, Exit/Commutation - Commutation preparation, Exit/Commutation - Commutation reconcilliation
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