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Andreas Bachofner
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Full Member
Shires Partnership Ltd
High Ridge
Walden Road
0786 779 8005
0208 295 5799
Shires Partnership Ltd has been operating since 2006.
Key personnel are Andreas Bachofner, Director and Shirley Beglinger, Director.
We provide services in the area of
1) M&A: analyse specific insurance/reinsurance portfolios, underwriting, claims, reinsurance receivables
2) Underwriting audits (e.g. peer review, periodic underwriting audit with a report to Non-Executive Directors regarding coverages and pricing)
3) Expert witness (Shirley)
4) "Finding" capacity to support existing or new business
5) Reinsurance strategy
6) Analyse insurance risk and tailoring policy coverage
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Andreas Bachofner

Services Provided

Property & casualty, Reinsurance
Europe (excluding London), London
Other - Consulting services, Other - Expert witness services, Other - Reinsurance consulting
Andreas Bachofner, qualified economist, MBA Financial Services & Insurance, Non-Executive Board Member
Shirley Beglinger, BA, ACII, Non-Executive Board Member
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