AGM Dinner - 9 May 2017

Written by AirSP Secretary on .

Following the AGM on 12 May, we held AirSP’s annual dinner. We were fortunate to have with us as our guest Adam Kembrooke, Group Chief Legal Officer and Group Chief Risk Officer of Nexus Underwriting. Adam spoke to us about the philosophy behind his group's understanding of managing agencies, with particular reference to the operation of the claims function as part of a profit-making enterprise.

Adam has a broad and interesting background, being a lawyer qualified in both New York and England, who has worked in-house as both a legal officer and a risk officer for some years. He had many useful insights into what companies like his want from their service providers and how those who provide services to such companies can provide best value to their clients and adapt to new paradigms as the market develops.

Willingness to think outside the box, partner with clients, cooperate in marketing, develop new services and operations together are just as important in the new world as the old-fashioned requirements of high quality service, flexibility, responsiveness and value for money. None of which is to say that any of them have been downgraded!

Adam’s talk gave rise to a vigorous discussion around the table with many comments, queries and suggestions. It was exactly the invigorating and interesting event we had all hoped for and we are most grateful to Adam coming along and giving us the benefit of his experience and forward-looking approach.

Bill Perry