City Corporation Talk - 28 April 2015

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Following the Board Meeting on 28th April, those of us able to attend the talk by John Chapman, the Deputy for the Ward of Langbourn of the City of London, were treated to a short, but truly fascinating, insight into the Corporation of London. To hear, at first hand, how these elected representatives of the different Wards give so much time (for no fee!) to promoting the City both here and abroad was inspiring.

Afterwards, it was great to meet new people over a drink and exchange views. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our next event and, remember, members are most welcome to bring guests.


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Members can access the AGM summary by logging into the site.

Whisky Tasting Charitable Event - 3 December 2014

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Where would anyone rather be on chilly winters evening after work? Well for about 20 or so industry guys on 3rd December, AirSP members and their guests, were privileged and honoured to be the guest of The Balvenie Ambassador to the UK. Our host clearly lived up to his reputation as a global expert on whisky with the depth of his knowledge. Those thinking Whisky was just something that granddad had after arguing with grandmother was proved completely wrong. It is a growing drink savoured by men and women from the four corners of the earth. Our group was joined by Americans and, of course, the prohibition years were discussed along with the keen interest amongst Italians to work out how to get the bottles back home. Learning about the history of “scotch on the rocks” and a “shot” was extremely interesting.

During a thrilling evening, where I can honestly say everyone gained so much knowledge of this specialist area, it would be doing an injustice to the beauty of whisky without first mentioning how one bottle can bring so many pleasures. We were taught the wonderful way of calculating how much water is required to change the nourishing fruity flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg pleasures. We appreciated the full beauty of how changes to our pallet tastes can be brought alive by sampling a range of whiskies and by adding just a few drops of water can bring about an entirely different taste. This, of course, was a personal choice for the market leading practitioners and no doubt everyone will return again next year for another drag.

A really good evening in good causes, plenty of very special malts. If you did not attend you really missed out on a great event.

Board Meeting - 30 October 2014

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After a lively Board Meeting discussing the Monte Carlo dinner, the final event of 2014 - Our Whisky Tasting Evening being held to raise money for charity and planning the Association's 2015 events schedule, the Board Members looked forward to sharing their thoughts and plans with Members over a glass of vino or lemonade.  The list of events is growing in number and should be published, albeit with some provisional dates, early in the New Year.

Monte Carlo Rendezvous

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“AIRSP Members and guests gather in Monte Carlo

Members and guests met at the Quai des Artistes for the flagship gathering of AIRSP at the Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendezvous. It was a convivial and well attended affair and everyone enjoyed the excellent food and wine. Our guests included friends from many countries and representatives from the Underwriting, Broking and Legal professions, as well as Experts from the Insurance and Reinsurance communities. We were well represented internationally, with attendees from Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Bill Perry, Chairman of AIRSP said “The Monte Carlo dinner has always been a great event and 2014 proved no exception! Both the Insurance and Reinsurance communities were well represented and our Members and their guests had a most enjoyable evening. The Insurance and Reinsurance worlds were pretty well dissected during the evening!”

The Board of AIRSP wish to thank the staff and Management at the Quai des Artistes and everyone who organised this successful evening.”

AirSP networking evening

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After the AirSP Board Meeting on 28 August, the Board and Members gathered for drinks in what will be a regular event held after all scheduled Board Meetings.

These events are a great way for Members to hear about what the Group is planning in terms of activities and marketing and they are an excellent forum to improve communication between all the Members of AirSP. The Board were very pleased with the turnout and are looking forward to meeting more Members at future such events!

Richard Davies addresses AirSP Members on Marketing

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At a well attended seminar on 17 June, Richard Davies, former Director of Global Sales at Ernst & Young, addressed Members and their guests on the vexed topic "How to Market Yourself". This topic was of interest to all the Service Providers in the room and to AirSP itself! Richard was able to indicate some great ideas and also some of the pitfalls that we can fall into! After a lively Q&A session, Members were able to put their networking skills into effect over drinks.

This was a very successful event and demonstrated the increased amount of events that AirSP is putting on for its Members and the Market.

AirSP Members welcome new Board

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At a convivial meeting held at the Broker Wine Bar on 29 April, AirSP Members gathered to meet the new Board Members and to discuss how the Group should present itself to the Insurance and Reinsurance Markets. The new Chairman, Bill Perry, welcomed Members and explained the emerging strategy, which aims to enhance the standing of AirSP in the insurance and risk management communities. It was a good opportunity for Members to share their own networking ideas!